Baby First Aid

Baby First Aid gives new parents the confidence to deal with situations where their baby may need medical assistance. Learn with friends in the comfort of your own home.

£45 per person for a 2.5 hour course

(max. 3 participants for covid safety)

One to one sessions available. Contact for pricing

Contact Donna on


  • accident prevention and baby proofing

  • the primary survey

  • baby and child CPR

  • the recovery position

  • choking

  • bleeds

  • burns and scalds

  • treating shock

  • fever and febrile convulsions

  • head injuries

  • broken bones, sprains and strains

  • allergies and anaphylactic shock

  • meningitis and sepsis awareness

Covid safety

  • small group sizes

  • individual mannequins for each family group

  • mannequins are fully sanitised and airways changed between each session

  • face shields available for CPR training

  • no equipment shared between participants

  • social distancing and strict hygiene practices observed